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Grit is Lee Paiva Sinclair

Lee Paiva Sinclair is the founder of No Means No Worldwide, an organization committed to ending sexual violence. In 2006 Lee was walking through Korogocho slum in Nairobi, Kenya; her translator began telling her about the people who lived there. "This girl was raped at knife point, this child is a rape baby, this girl is HIV-positive from rape by her father, this is where a grandmother died after being gang-raped, this women's baby was raped..." Lee was horrified, it seemed that every women and girl there had been a victim of rape. This atrocity struck a personal chord with Lee and she immediately set to prove that this was a result of gender-related power imbalance and that education rooted in individual rights, empowerment, and self-defense skills could resolve the problem. 

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In 2009 Lee designed a violence prevention and intervention system called "IMpower". The goal of "Impower" is to stop the cycle of violence by educating both girls and boys to gender equity for community wide, generational change. In 2011 Lee began training instructors and in 2012 she teamed up with Kenyan non profit "Ujamaa" to launch classes. "IMpower" is now the leading dual gender violence prevention curriculum for youth and over 180,000 girls and boys in Kenya and Malawi have received the curriculum. 

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In addition to all of this, Lee started a 12 step recovery program in Nairobi for survivors ages 5 and up called Sexual Assault Survivors Anonymous (SASA). It is Lee's belief that education and training is central to bringing an end to the global rape epidemic and the focus on reactive aftercare must end.


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