Grit is Cynthia Borsellino

Cynthia Borsellino

Cynthia Borsellino

This Friday we would like to honor Cynthia Borsellino

Cynthia's adolescent years were marked by several difficult life changing events which forced her to leave home in her teen years. During the vulnerable ages between 16 and 19 years old, Cynthia found herself chained to a world of terror and darkness as a victim of sex trafficking.

Having her childhood ripped away from her, she never obtained a high school diploma. Some would think that having been a victim of sex trafficking and not finishing a formal education would be a weakness, but Cynthia has chosen to look at them as stepping stones. She has accumulated a wealth of experience working in various corporate organizations in accounting, quality control, real estate, and law. She is currently employed as an office manager and accounting director while working towards her commercial real estate license.

Cynthia and her husband, Dan, also started a non-profit organization in 1997 to help the elderly, children, and their families. They did this through projects involving restoration and education using the Arts. Along with this, Cynthia also volunteers as Williamson County Juvenile Detention Outreach Coordinator for “Traffick911”, on the Advisory Board for “P.A.C.T.”(Partners Against Child Trafficking), treasurer of her Homeowners Association, and serves in numerous capacities at Gateway North Austin Church.

Cynthia does not view herself as a victim of human trafficking: but a survivor. And, someone who empowers women to identify their passions in life and how to achieve them, regardless of the past.

Cynthia has been married to her loving, supportive husband, Dan, for 35 years, is a mother of two children, Michael and Leanna, a mother-in-law to Roxanne and Mike, and Nonni (Grandmother) to Alonna, age 3 and Zoey, age 1.

Cynthia and her daughter are working to produce a documentary about Cynthia's life in human trafficking called HoneyChild. Take a look and help them complete their project.

Deborah Pfluger