Wrapping up another class with some amazing Girls with Grit!

Girls with Grit - Wrapping up another prevention course 


We just wrapped up another inspiring class delivering our Personal Safety Program to Prevent Sex Trafficking of Teens to 7 more young ladies in the Austin area. Girls with Grit started delivering our curriculum in Q4 of 2017 and is on-track to reach a substantial number of kids this year. Our 5-module curriculum, developed by Love 146, provides a range of valuable information to students.

The course material works to create awareness about what sex trafficking is and who it affects, where it happens and who might be exploiting teens. We walk through a number of real-world case studies with our students where they identify tactics that could be used to lure them in and teach them how to recognize red flags that might indicate that a situation is turning dangerous. We talk about social and cultural influences that tend to normalize the objectification of women and force, among other things, making it difficult for victims to come forward. Our interactive course allows students to formulate their own safety plans for situations they might encounter and to practice refusal skills and self-defense moves that could help them avoid being trapped by a trafficker.

Our latest graduates now have new information and skills needed to protect themselves from potential exploiters. Congratulations to these beautiful Girls with Grit! Our free program is available to teens (both boys and girls) ages 12-18 in the Austin area. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to schedule a program for your group. 

Deborah Pfluger