Thank you!


Our sincere thanks goes out to Chick-fil-A Village at Westlake for providing another delicious and nutritious meal for our last group class. Participants gobbled up every bit of the Chick-fil-A® Nuggets and Fruit Tray that was provided and said that it was “Way Better Than Pizza.” We agree. Chick-fil-A Village at Westlake is a valued partner. We are grateful for their kind generosity that allows us to provide real food for our students. Eat More Chickin’, Y’all, and make Chick-fil-A Village at Westlake your go-to source for delicious chicken and more.


Volunteer Opportunity:

We are looking for volunteers that would be interested in providing meals for our other sessions. Each group meets five times, once a week. We are getting more and more programs set up and therefore the cost to provide meals is going up. If you would like to provide meals once a week or even just one time we would greatly appreciate it

Deborah Pfluger